Flexitarian Dining: Flexible Enough For Any Venue

We believe every meal is the most important meal of the day, and making it vibrant, nutritious and healthy should never be a burden.
Flexitarian Dining: Flexible Enough For Any Venue

You've heard about the Flexitarian diet. Called the hottest food trend of 2017 by Whole Foods, you may have wondered who these Flexitarians are and how to bring them into your facility. The great news is, many are your current customers. But that doesn't mean you're properly serving them.

Flexitarians are consumers who are trying to eat more plant -based foods, but not willing to forgo meat entirely. Have they stopped eating meat once a week? One meal a day? The beauty of the Flexitarian diet is that it's all flexible.

Some Flexitarians are nearly vegan, indulging only in an occasional juicy steak. Others are less committed and range from new triers to those continuing to experiment with plant-based options.

Flexitarian Stats

Millennials are early adopters of the Flexitarian diet, but it's taken hold across all demos with encouragement from cultural heroes including Beyonce, Jay-Z, Richard Branson and Paul McCartney. They tout animal welfare, health and environmental benefits as reasons to go veggie.